Main Board

• WiFi, 2xUSB, Bluetooth


• Gold-plated Phono/Line In
• 114 dB S/N
• Up to 24 bit/96KHz
• Line Out RCA connectors
• Toslink optical In /Out
• Mic In
• High quality Headphone Amp

 Made in Switzerland

Includes double sided remote:
simplified on one side and
full keyboard on the other

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Advanced remote

Fully integrated Audio, Video and Web system.

Notwithstanding its reduced size (30x11x3cm for Integra and 30x15x3cm for Integra Extension) it offers all current Top Audio, Video and Web features integrated in a user friendly,
stylish, multi tasking device.

You only need to connect Integra to your TV and power amplifier.

Its essential design makes it perfectly suitable to all kinds of “ambiente”, classic or modern.

Valuable lacquering techniques and expert craftsmanship secure a high quality product in a typical Italian style.

Available in:

• Lacquered wood (white, red, black)
• Customisations are possible

Design & High-Tech


Technical Info


Remote can be configured
to turn on/off and switch
source of your TV =>
No need for 2 remotes

• Easy managing of your music library
• Internet web Radio
• Includes Phono Pre


• 8 default Music and Video Services
  (YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Tidal, etc)
• Services can easily be changed and/or added
• Based on standard Internet Explorer or Chrome

• Easy managing of your film library

Other Features
• Reproduction of Fotos/Videos