Technical Info

Il Cubotto


Made in Switzerland

• High quality reproduction and recording of CD’s

• MP3 and all major formats, Aux & Mic In
• Easy storage of your music library
• Internet web Radio


• 8 Default Services (Spotify, Napster, Tidal, Netflix, SkyGo, Youtube....)

• 6 Services can easily be changed to different ones (based on IExplorer or Chrome)

• DVD and all major formats
• Easy storage of your film library
• Audio from 2.0 to 7.1

Other Features
• Reproduction and storage of Fotos/Videos
• Predisposition for TV (HDTV),
  Digital Radio, time-shift recording
  (TV USB board excluded)

• BluRay software (incl 3D)

Fully integrated Audio, Video and Web system.

Notwithstanding its reduced size (21 cm) it offers all current Hi-End Audio, Video and Web features.

You only need to connect ilCUBOTTO® to your TV and speakers.

Its essential design makes it perfectly suitable to all kinds of “ambiente”, classic or modern.

Valuable materials and expert craftsmanship secure a high quality product in a typical Italian style.

Available in:

• Lacquered wood (white, red, black, etc)
• White Marble of Carrara
• Slate
• Customisations are possible

AudioStile © 2013 Tutti i diritti riservati

Design & High-Tech

Main Board

• WiFi, 4xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, 2xHDMI out

• BluRay, DVD, CD (Reading/Writing)

• 1 HD 1 TB, 1 SSD for O.S., Dual Core CPU, 

  8G Ram


• 2x 125 W RMS (8ohm);

• separated power supply:

  1 external (for digital part), 

  1 internal (Toroidal Trafo, 20.000uF) for Audio.
• gold plated Connectors

Optionals (internal boards):

• audio Surround 7.1 board
  (4x Burr Brown D/A Conv.)
• Phono Preamp. Board (Burr Brown OP-Amp)
• Audio transmitter ‘audiophile - low latency'